• Gammascanner Overview

    The Gamma Scanner: A modular drum measurement system

  • Gammascanner Notebook EN

    Data will be transmitted to a common Windows PC or laptop


    AOCOIAC is a documentation system for bone fractures

  • AOCOIAC Screenshot EN

    AOCOIAC is developed in a joint effort with radiologists and surgeons

  • LVis Screenshot EN

    LVis gives users the option to design their own reports

Bright Ideas for efficient Measurement Technology

We develop measurement technology for various applications, ranging from healthcare and science to manufacturing and nuclear technology. Due to confidentiality, we can only showcase a small selection of projects we have worked on for our clients. We also offer creative solutions for a wide range of additional industries and areas. Do you have a specific software challenge? Please let us know. Because we're curious.


Gamma Scanner: A modular Drum Measurement System

If you want to know what's inside a drum without opening it, you need good ideas. Lots of them went into the development of Marschelke Messtechnik's drum measurement system, Gamma Scanner. The system is designed in a modular manner, is easy to transport and doesn't require complex wiring. That saves time and money for doing business.



AOCOIAC: Documentation System for Bone Fractures

Physicians all over the world are using this software. For more than 10 years, and in close collaboration with our clients, we have been developing the AOCOIAC system, which stands for AO Comprehensive Injury Automatic Classifier.



NaI Detectors: Cost efficient Radiation Measurement

There are various requirements when measuring gamma or X-radiation. Sodium-iodide detectors can offer a cost-efficient yet high-quality option, especially in those cases where, for example, the nuclide responsible for the radiation is well known, and a high-resolution of a cooled-down detector is not needed.



ZADI: Flexible and automated Dose Rate Measurement

Versatile and reliable like a Swiss pocket knife: For ZWILAG, the interim storage facility for radioactive waste in Switzerland, we have developed a system for automated dose rate measurement of nuclear waste drums.



LVis is alive! An Interface that rocks the Lab

LVis – that's a modern and easy to use interface for standard applications of gamma spectrometry with HPGe-detectors. A specialized software, which can be flexibly configured and offers a wide variety of other, clearly displayed applications, supports daily analysis tasks.




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