Ready for the Future: Software Development with Visual Studio

In order to develop software in C++, we work with Microsoft Visual Studio. For over 20 years, Visual Studio has been Microsoft's standard tool for software development under Windows. It is worth the investment, as it guarantees solid and safe Windows applications for the future.

Microsoft Visual Studio is developed in sync with all Microsoft innovations and therefore allows for sustainable, continuous and state-of-the-art software development. Almost all technologies required under Windows are integrated in Visual Studio. Many third party providers offer high quality supplement modules, like add-ons and plugs-ins. They integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio and help make it the most powerful software development tool in the world.

We use Visual Studio to program in the high-level language C++, taking advantage of the most technically mature Microsoft library, "Microsoft Foundation Classes Library" (MFC), a library as old as Visual Studio itself. What makes the combination of both tools special is that Visual Studio and MFC have always been developed downwardly compatible.

This marks, for our clients as well as average users, a clear advantage. Take, for example, a software we developed at the beginning of the 1990s. With very few changes, we can update it with the Visual Studio tool. Such software, which was initially launched under the 16-bit Windows, Version 3, is still running today under the current Windows operating system, after we made some minor adjustments. There is no comparable guarantee of investment in today's world of IT business.



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