Programming under Microsoft Windows, with all possible Options

We program software of all kinds under Microsoft Windows, opening access to various interfaces, hardware components and networks. We offer the development of interfaces that are both elegant and user friendly, as well as exporting measurement data into data bases.

In addition to pure software development for use in Microsoft Windows, we also offer driver programming, hardware access, interface programming (Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN-Bus, IEEE 488) and network programming (NetBIOS, TCP/IP, Mail-API), including internet communication, client/server architecture and measurement networks – and, of course, the export of data into databases, as well as user programs such as Excel and Outlook.

We further work on adapting new program modules to existing systems, integrating client specific modules into newly developed software systems. We also build interfaces between different development environments and programming languages, and design data encryption components.

In order to visualize measurement results and process data, we use Direct X and Direct 3D, as well as professional tools like National Instruments Measurement Studio. For laboratory and measurement technology equipment, we make a point in using products by renowned manufacturers only, like HAMEG, Fluke, National Instruments, Keithley and  Agilent, or, for nuclear testing technology, ORTEC and Berthold Technologies.



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