Nuclear Measurement Technology - as a Software and a System

For 18 years, we have been developing software and systems for nuclear measurement technology, among them many measuring systems for gamma spectrometry, dosimetry and contamination testing - specifically drum inspection systems for radioactive waste. Together with our partners we offer ready-to-use systems, custom-designed according to our clients' needs.

Due to our long-standing experience developing software for a wide variety of systems, we have built a stellar reputation in the fields of gamma spectrometry with HPGe (high-purity germanium) detectors and NaI (sodium iodide) detectors, as well as dose rate monitoring and gamma total.

It started with a fruitful collaboration between Marschelke Messtechnik and the renowned Jülich Research Center, located near Cologne. In 1995, the Jülich Center needed software to control a drum inspection system for radioactive waste. The scientists asked Marschelke Messtechnik CEO Herwig Marschelke to program the software. Shortly thereafter, Marschelke developed their own control technology for drum measurement systems, which for the first time includes not only software but also technical hardware components (CNC). The Jülich Research Center then assigned Marschelke Messtechnik to upgrade the existing systems with the new control technology.

Today, Marschelke Messtechnik works on a regular basis for the Jülich Research Center in the areas of software development and systems engineering. Together with our partners, we offer the full range of systems engineering, a one-stop-shop approach.

Marschelke Messtechnik has developed and successfully launched more than a dozen drum inspection systems for clients from all over Europe and Asia.




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