LabView opens Horizons in Measurement Technology

We particular enjoy working with National Instruments' LabView, a true highlight in the field of software development tools. It is the best known tool for programming measurement technology solutions and available in almost every industry – systems, test engineering, quality assurance, process optimization and control. It is, for example, a standard instrument in the automotive industry.

Also, we find LabView attractive because for many years it has been a pioneer for graphical programming and to this day is the premier tool of choice in terms of diverse functionality and user friendliness. We use LabView to develop simple measurement programs. Take, for example, the possibility to quickly and cost effectively test the feasibility of a certain process in the lab, as part of a research trial. However, LabView can also be used to carry out full-range, complex and client specific applications.

We can help adapt into respective modules hardware offered by third party providers, who don't integrate LabView themselves. Clients, who prefer to program their own software in LabView, can therefore use different hardware without running into problems.

The support of real-time platforms and embedded systems by LabView is particularly interesting. High capacity and reliably stand-alone measurement devices without PC connection can be operated with minimal effort. We use CompactRIO systems by National Instruments for most of our clients' projects - for example, dose rate monitoring in drum inspection systems.



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