Image Processing for Bar Codes and Blood Typing

In the past 20 years, we have developed numerous tools for image analysis and processing. One of them can even save lives, as it allows automated blood typing which helps clinical labs to quickly provide the matching plasma.

There is a vast number of existing image processing tools, programs and programming libraries, which are as capable as they are confusing. Unfortunately, sometimes the one application you need for a specific task is nowhere to be found. Instead of making short-term fixes and minor adjustments, we often decide to do it ourselves – and from scratch. Because after all, we happen to be programmers!

We have developed specialized algorithms for scanning bar codes, object masking, transition at line, filtering, stabilizing the images' positions for military camera systems, and much more.

We have also developed a special software for blood serology which we are very proud of, and rightfully so. A hospital which used our software in its lab after a major emergency event told us: The systems with our software had helped them care for the victims in a fast and reliable manner.



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